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Welcome to the HeathNews Radio Show

We travel all over the globe to bring you the best Health-Care Professionals there are so you and your family can benefit from the knowledge and experience they bring.  To hear some of our great interviews make sure you visit our Interviews of You page.  

If you are a Health-Care Professional and you would like to be on our show, and receive all the benefits mentioned below please fill out the form on our Contact Us Page and we will get back to you.
"Those interviewed are persons deemed “worthy” of being asked important questions about the world."

"We all should be interviewed, at least once."


Each Interview includes:
A complete 30 minute audio interview with you as the star

    A beautiful icon for you to place on your website for people to listen or download your interview

    Testimonials on the back of the case of your patients singing your praises

    A Professional Press Release indexed by Google, with links to all the Social Networks

    A printable PDF version to circulate to local outlets, and your clients
    Audio quality CD packaged in a beautiful DVD case with your picture and graphic
      Use as a promotional piece or sell it to generate revenue - quantity discounts available